Joseph & Benjamin or The Most Important Doctrines of the Messianic Faith, Vol I & II
18th century Jewish believer expounds the doctrines of faith to his non-believing brother.

Short Writings
Short Writings
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Short expositions on Israel's future repentance and restoration, the compassion of Christ and the true meaning of Passover. Titles of stories and sermons are:
  • All Israel shall be saved
  • Who is the Apostate? A beautiful short story in the form of a conversation taking place around a Jewish dinner table on the night of Passover. One guest at the dinner table leads the others through an extremely moving and profound argument about the meaning of Passover, leading from a true knowledge of God and introducing New Testament concepts from an Old Testament background. Saphir challenges Jewish readers at the end of the story, urging them to "Turn again to Jehovah".
  • The Mystery of Israel. Verbatim notes from a sermon by Saphir on Jewish missions, including a "comprehensive presentation of Israel's present and future".
  • They Shall Look unto Me Whom They Have Pierced.
  • The Restoration of the Jews
  • The Compassion of Jesus

'Short Writings' by Adolph Saphir is printed by Keren Ahvah Meshihit, Jerusalem.

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