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Kuma Adonai
Kuma Adonai
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Kuma Adonai

by Zipporah Bennett.

Subtitled “Songs of Warfare and Worship”, Kuma Adonai is a collection of songs taken almost entirely from the Psalms.

All the compositions are Zipporah’s original. She has the gift of giving each psalm a tune that seems as though it naturally belonged to it. The tunes sound Jewish (but not overly so…) and Israeli. The songs are especially fit for congregational singing: they keep a meter, they're not too fast, and most would be easy to follow, even for English speakers. They've proved themselves in that some of these songs are still known and sung in the Messianic/Christian congregations in Israel, so this would be a good place to start for Messianic congregations abroad, or for the "normal" Israel loving churches and groups (not necessarily "Messianic") who want to sing to the Lord in Hebrew. In this context, you might want to check out what the Canterbridge blog has to say about it and its use for learning Hebrew.

The singing is entirely in Hebrew, with the proper accent (if you’re looking for Hebrew-English, check out Halelu). The songs are direct quotations from the Hebrew Bible!

The choir work is superb! The arrangements are very tasteful, though I wish there were more real instruments on it. Nonetheless, as it is – it’s a joy to listen to.

Recommended, recommended, recommended!

Cover fold includes translation and transliteration.

Runtime: 38.4 Minutes.


  • Yakum Elohim
  • Kol Rina
  • Kuma Adonai
  • Shomreni
  • Kol Tachanunai
  • Pitchu Li
  • V’Yism’Echu/ Mi Yiten
  • Choneh Malach Adonai
  • Adonai Ori
  • V’Vafshi Tagil

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